Biden Is Already Considering Requiring You To Get A 4th Shot Of The Vax. Will It Ever End?
· Dec 23, 2021 ·

Sleepy Joe went on Nightline last night with David Muir and was asked about Israel's policy requiring a 4th Covid jab for certain individuals and whether or not that was something we might see in the US.

Biden seemed to be very open to the possibility, watch:

Muir: "Let me ask you about what he heard from Israel overnight, they're already moving to a second booster now, so this would be the fourth shot, for people 60 and older and frontline medical workers. Is that something you're considering?"

Biden: "I listen to the scientists and I'm sure the scientists are paying very close attention to that. There may be a need for another booster, but that remains to be seen."

Muir: "It remains a possibility?"

Biden: "It remains a possibility."

You got it straight from the horse's mouth. It's already happening in Israel, who is always ahead of the US by a month or two, and it's up to "the scientists" whether or not we go forward with a 4th shot.

And we all know, "the scientists" refers to Fauci and his team of bureaucrats at the NIH and CDC.

The best, or worst, part of the clip, of course, is the end where Muir prompts Biden with the "repeat after me" form of question.

"It remains a possibility?"

"It remains a possibility."

The media has to prompt Biden on the right thing to say. It's sad really.

Now roll up your sleeve and get shot number 4, or 5, or 6. Or else...

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