Boy did that sure sound like Biden just dropped the "N" word. So... when does he get cancelled?

Feb 22nd

You want to talk about a gaffe? Here's a gaffe for you:

No, your ears aren't deceiving you. In a speech to the Munich Virtual Security Conference last Friday, Biden stumbled over his words, seemingly mixing "next" and "eager" together as he fumbled to read his teleprompter. You can hear it at 15:34, just after where I timestamped this video:

My goodness. Just imagine for a hot sec that Trump had stumbled over his words like this.

Of course, no one in our entire media establishment picked up on or thought said mistake was worth noting. It was conservative personality Steven Crowder who first noted it on his Monday show.

I don't want to mock Biden's lifelong stutter. I will point out that said stutter has evolved into nonsensical slurring of words pointing to mental decline, but that's not the real point here.

You see, my question is when Biden will be cancelled. After all, a 45-year-old veteran for the New York Times was fired this month because he used the N word to tell a student that someone shouldn't be cancelled for using said word when they were 12 years old. The Times made it clear that they "do not tolerate racist language regardless of intent."

Since context no longer matters and the rules are made up, may I submit that even an accidental slurring of words that sounds like a racist term should be cancellable by the same logic?


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