Biden fully reverses federal ban on abortion referrals, allowing Planned Parenthood back into the taxpayer-funded family planning program

Oct 5th

Yo "Evangelicals for Biden," where you guys at?

I know those kiDs iN cAgEs were a big deal for you guys who said Biden was the moral choice, so I guess you guys feel great that the cages are not only bigger and more full than ever before, but that the abortion industry has crawled its way back into institutional power.

President Biden began rolling back this ban earlier this year, but stopped short of a full reversal to test the legal waters. The Trump-era prohibition made it illegal for health clinics participating in the federal "family planning program" to refer people for abortion.

Known as Title X, the federal family planning program has been in place for 50 years. It makes available about $286 million annually in grants that support clinics serving mainly low-income women.

Since Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill masquerading as a health clinic, they couldn't continue to get that sweet taxpayer money in the program if they continued to refer women for their abortion services.

Before exiting the program in 2019, Planned Parenthood and its affiliates served an estimated 40% of the patients.

That must have hurt their bottom line!

It also hurt all the other abortion "clinics" following their model.

Think of it this way: Say a drug cartel also happens to legitimately sell vitamins on the side. Say they've figure out how to game the system so they could get your tax money for the vitamin side of the "business" while referring their clients for their cocaine and fentanyl.

Planned Parenthood is just like that, except the primary business is the selective elimination the human race. The "3% of services" they provide that end in dead babies is the cash cow that keeps their doors open.

"Today more than ever, we are making clear that access to quality family planning care includes accurate information and referrals — based on a patient's needs and direction," said Biden's Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra on Monday.

All this is small news, of course, if Biden can repeal the Hyde Amendment and use your tax dollars DIRECTLY for killing children.

So, "Evangelicals for Biden"... Great job, guys.

You did it. You totally saved the country.

Except for the millions of dead American children at the hands of an industry straight outta hell itself.

But no more mean tweets!

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