Steph Curry is trending because the Biden supporter doesn’t want low-income housing near his mansion
· Jan 31, 2023 ·

Democrat policies are always so nice and compassionate when you're at the ballot box or preaching from behind the podium at press conferences. But when it comes to his own backyard, well...

Lifelong Democrat, Biden supporter, and BLM-promoter Steph Curry is all for Democrat policies and helping out poor people, as long as you don't house them too close to him.

NBA superstar Stephen Curry, who publicly endorsed Joe Biden for president in 2020, is opposing a "low-income" housing development near his $30 million mansion, according to a local news report.

"We hesitate to add to the 'not in our backyard' (literally) rhetoric, but we wanted to send a note before today's meeting. Safety and privacy for us and our kids continues to be our top priority and one of the biggest reasons we chose Atherton as home," Steph and his wife, Ayesha Curry, wrote in a letter to officials in Atherton.

It was an attempt by Steph Curry, who was the fifth highest-paid athlete in the world last year, according to Forbes, to prevent undesirables from crowding the area around his home in Atherton, California.

I was told this is racist. It's anti-black, even! But if you can afford a $30 million mansion AND vote Democrat, I guess you get a pass.

Curry's wife is willing to compromise however:

The Curry family also petitioned the local government to build fencing and shrubbery around their home to protect the family from watchful eyes if they couldn't block the new families from joining the neighborhood entirely.

"Should that not be sufficient for the state, we ask that the town commits to investing in considerably taller fencing and landscaping to block sight lines onto our family's property."

If those dirty poors DO have to live near us, couldn't you at least put up a fence or wall to keep them from our site?

I guess no one told Curry that walls are racist.

Curry is one of the highest-profile Democrats in the country.

In 2020, he brought his family out to endorse Biden for president at the Democratic National Convention, during which Ayesha referenced "social injustices" and "racial inequality."

This year, Steph Curry did a photo-op with the president, in a picture captioned "Team Captains."

He voted for these housing projects, but he won't let them be built anywhere near his home.

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