Biden vows to "do something about gun violence" in his second term, calls Jefferson's "tree of liberty" quote "a bunch of crap"
· May 2, 2024 ·

My crystal ball is telling me that gun sales are about to skyrocket in this country (again) and I honestly love to see it.

Why might we see this spike in gun sales? Well..

Let me give you that Jefferson quote before we go any further, because it's of extreme importance here.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

And what does President Joe Biden have to say about this quote?

This 'the [tree of] liberty is watered with the blood of patriots,' I mean, that's a bunch of crap.

These were his words on the Smartless podcast (perfectly named for the guest) released this week but recorded in late March. He also said that in his second term he and the Democrats are going to "do something about gun violence in this country," and we all know what that means.

Here's the president:

I think they should be focused on a couple of things: Number one, we're going to, in a second term, God willing, we're going to make sure that we do something about gun violence in this country.

The idea that we allow assault weapons to be sold with magazines with 100 rounds is just bizarre …

The 2nd Amendment, which I, when I taught law school, the 2nd Amendment wasn't absolute ever. You weren't able to have a cannon when you were — this ‘the [tree of] liberty is watered with the blood of patriots,' I mean, that's a bunch of crap.



What's not absolute about "shall not be infringed"?

As for that "you weren't able to have a cannon" line:

Did you notice how they cut him off and went to a subscriber question before he could run his mouth any further there, too?

Nice catch, Smartless team!

Man, that whole quote up there is just music to my ears for November.

Good luck getting swing voters to go for your gun control in this economy, Joe!!

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