Biden's climate clown John Kerry celebrated the anniversary of D-Day by comparing the Normandy landings to fighting climate change
· Jun 7, 2023 ·

Joe Biden's SpEcIaL pReSiDeNtiAl EnVoY fOr cLiMaTe John Kerry marked the 79th anniversary of D-Day, one of the most important days in the history of the world, by likening the modern-day climate cult to the brave US soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944.

Fox News reports that Kerry made the disgraceful comments in Norway on Tuesday (of course he was in Norway on D-Day) during a keynote speaking appearance.

Here's what he said with that long face of his:

"Today is June 6th. D-Day. One of the most singularly important moments of history. A moment that calls to mind every single thing that defined the past half of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st century.

"They were fighting for a set of values I would say to you are just as important today as they were then. They put their lives on the line to fight against fascism, tyranny, and misinformation, and the savage slaughter of innocent lives.

"Make no mistake, just as that was a fight for the future as much as anything we have ever faced, what we are seeing now is the same.

"What is also clear right now is we can also win this fight, but it requires the same level of innovation and mobilization that was required back then by those in the greatest generation. Today's threat comes from all of us. It comes from the result of the things we do or avoid doing."

"What we are seeing now is the same." So climate change is now literally Hitler, I guess? Moron.

"We can also win this fight, but it requires the same level of innovation and mobilization that was required back then..."

Here's part of the Normandy landing scene from Saving Private Ryan. Warning: it's brutal and graphic and terrible and probably not even as bad as the real thing was:

Yeah. Modern-day climate warriors are the equivalent of those men. Sure.

Fox News adds:

According to the report, Kerry argued that failure to address climate change could lead to greater consequences than what the world faced in 1944 when then-German leader Adolf Hitler still controlled much of Europe.

John Kerry is an ideological grifter and makes his living misleading and bilking ignorant fools.


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