Biden's Education Secretary Refuses To Answer Whether Or Not He Thinks Schools Should Keep Children's "Gender Transitions" Secret From Parents
· May 28, 2022 ·

Government-run schools across the United States have standing policies where teachers and administrators are told to hide children's "gender transitions" from their parents for fear that the parents might think it's a bad idea for Tommy to become a Tammy.

With this being the woke, standard operating procedure at many schools, you would think the United States Secretary of Education would have an opinion on the harmful policy.

But Secretary Miguel Cardona refused to answer Representative Jim Banks question on whether or not he opposes schools keeping sexual secrets about kids from their parents.

Watch the frustrating exchange:

Banks: Do you believe that school districts should keep a child's involvement in gender transition a secret from their parents?

Cardona: I would love to answer questions on the budget, which is why I'm here, and I think that what-

Banks: Mr. Secretary, these are policies that your administration stands behind. You're asking me to fund your budget. And these are policies that you stand for. It's completely relevant to why you're here today. Answer the question: do you think that schools should keep it a secret from their parents if the children are involved in gender transition?

Yep, it's a totally fair question and I can see why Cardona won't answer it.

It's very clear that the Republicans need to stand up and not give the Department of Education another red cent until they condemn these policies.

Cardona tries to recover.

Cardona: Listen, parents and schools must work together to support students and I do strongly support, if you look at the work that we've supported and our policies and our practices we want parents-

Banks: Should schools keep it a secret from parents?

Cardona: Excuse me?

Banks: Should schools ever keep it a secret from parents that their children are involved in gender transition?

How in the world can this administration get away with dancing around this issue?

Cardona: Schools should be partnering with parents and there are times when schools are working and supporting students on issues that are very sensitive, but I do believe that parents should be connected with schools. And in many cases, working together with schools is what's gonna help the student.

I have worked with students that, whatever the situation is at home, they felt safe at the school and we have to be careful not to turn this into something that it's not. Our schools are safe places for our students and our teachers are often the front liners when it comes to supporting students when they have issues in their lives.

We aren't talking about domestic abuse by parents here. Teachers and administrators are aiding children in transitioning their genders. They are grooming kids.

And Cardona wants to frame it as if it's the school's job to "protect" these students if their parents don't agree with this gender madness.

That is how he's framing the issue.

Banks is right when he answers back.

That's a very bizarre answer.

It is bizarre. It's completely backward.

Schools have no business aiding kids to "transition" and no business keeping secrets from parents.

These are groomer schools and this administration is backing them all the way.

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