Biden's Secretary of Education says we "have a responsibility to protect the civil rights" of biological males who want to play girls' sports 🤔

Jun 10th

Yup, this made its way onto the wokest of the woke sports networks, ESPN:

"Backs transgender athletes' rights"?

Rights to what?


Because that's what it boils down to.

And let's just be honest: we're only talking about biological males here.

Cuz what about the biological female athletes who identify as male? Are we lining them up to play on the football team?... Baseball? You think they're gonna connect with that 80-mile-per-hour fastball?

Didn't think so.

Anyhow, our Secretary of Education—his name's Miguel Cardona or some jazz like that—got himself on ESPN talking about how we're going to protect the rights of transgender athletes if we have to. And we all know what that means: there's a big fight coming between the states and the federal government on this one. And it's gonna be good.

And boy do I hope they do this before the 2022 election.

Oh, I didn't realize… ESPN interviewed this guy on television.

Here's that [please excuse the low quality]:

So when asked for his view on the way transgender athletes should be treated, he gave the perfect "I'm a politician" answer:

Transgender athletes are students, first and foremost. And they deserve every right that every other student gets.

That means a good education; that means access to extracurricular activities—be it theatre, sports, it doesn't matter.

Translation: boys can play girls' sports. Nuff said. Next question.

Q: So what do you say to the argument that allowing transgender athletes to compete in certain competitions is unfair to female athletes?

A: I recognize there's a lot of concern around that issue. But what's not tolerable is saying that some students cannot participate because of their gender.

LGBTQ students have endured more harassment than most other groups. So it's critically important that we stand with them and give them opportunities to engage in what every other child can engage in without harassment.

I do believe in local control. I do believe in state control, but we do have a responsibility to protect the civil rights of students. And if we feel the civil rights are being violated, we will act.


The fight is coming.

And it's one of the more stupid fights of our time.

Like, these are literally boys trying to play girls sports, and then going on to dominate those sports.

And where are all the girls supposed to go?

Should we start a "people with a uterus" league?

Cuz I feel like that's what it's come to.


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