Billboard Chris exposes two TED Talk speakers for calling pedophilia a "sexual orientation"
· Feb 23, 2024 ·

Here are two academics who delivered separate Ted Talks on the subject of pedophilia with the goal of normalizing and "destigmatizing" pedophiles.

Billboard Chris shared the video:

(I'll share the text of Chris's post in full below).

It's not practical to eliminate these people from society. They haven't done anything wrong.

Yeah, she's talking about pedos who haven't acted on it, but still ... we aren't allowed to say pedophilia is evil? Why?

The first presenter was a med student at the time, back in 2018, named Mirjam Heine. I found her full TED Talk on the internet archive. It doesn't get better than the clip, only worse.

The second presenter is a Dutch psychologist Madeleine van der Bruggen. Her entire talk can still be found on YouTube.

Again, both of these talks are from more than half a decade ago. The trend of normalizing this perversion has only seeped out from the halls of academia to Main Street and, increasingly, children's classrooms.

Look at these women feeling sorry for pedophiles.

They say pedophilia is a sexuality. One even says babies are born with it.

We're told to 'overcome our negative feelings about pedophiles.'

This is the cult of queer theory.

This same trance-like ‘compassion' they feel for pedophiles is why so many leftist women cheer on men in womenface as their own rights are destroyed.

They have completely lost their moral compass. These are the types who applaud the maiming and sterilization of children, believing that children are born in the wrong body.

Fools, so blind to evil, they become useful idiots for it.

It's pure evil, once again, under the disguise of virtuous empathy.

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