Black Studies Professor Claims Romance Is White Supremacy
· May 17, 2024 ·

Without Black Studies, how would we know know that everything is racist?

In the continual mission to declare everything good on God's green earth "white supremacist," a Black Studies professor at the University of California Santa Barbara has declared the concept of "romance" as RAAAACIST!

That's right.


'Romance' promotes white supremacy, according to a Black Studies professor who said she has 'endured' bad relationships.

University of California Santa Barbara Professor Sabrina Strings addresses this topic in her new book, 'The End of Love: Racism, Sexism, and the Death of Romance.'

Oh, well, if one black woman has struggled in her love life, it must mean that romance itself is racist. It only makes sense.

Prof. Strings wrote an entire book about "Gen X-to-Gen Z women who have endured a seemingly endless array of miserable relationships with men" and how that is often due to White Supremacy embedded into culture.

It follows her 2019 book about how 'fatphobia' is rooted in racism. Strings is also the '[c]o-founding editor of Race and Yoga journal,' according to her curriculum vitae.

She seems delightful, huh?

(Can't imagine why she's having trouble with romance!)

'Romance had a beginning,' Strings said, as quoted in the UC Santa Barbara story. 'Romance is an old white cultural institution that began in the Middle Ages.'

'One of the very first examples of a romantic story is Lancelot and Guinevere, she pointed out, which is about the trials of a man from a lower station who sets out to prove he is worthy of a higher class European Christian woman,' the UC Santa Barbara story said.

Oh no: A story about a regular guy getting a girl out of his league through feats of strength? Totally racist!

I guess you could argue that romance, as a literary genre, may have had a beginning in the Middle Ages. But even that seems sketchy.

I mean, has she read the Book of Ruth or Song of Solomon in the Old Testament?

Not many white characters in the Bible!

According to Strings, romance is about 'women who are not peak white or are "insufficiently white" are subject deservedly to deceit, manipulation, assault and rape.'

'Romance is white [supremacist],' she said.

I. Can't. Even.

What in the world type of literature is this lady reading?

And what does that have to do with her not being able to find a man??

She blames "backlash" to feminism and civil rights for the idea that white supremacists are keeping women out of relationships. How? I guess because everyone is racist.

In a summary of her book on her website, Strings makes the same point.

She said men becoming "emotionally unavailable … has been a hidden consequence of 20th century racial and gendered integration.

And her solution? Sadly, it's the solution of every single, unhappy, undesirable, feminist.

Go gay.

She 'challeng[es]readers to accept the end of love as they know it and to embrace more queer and feminist ideas of love, equity and partnership,' according to UC Santa Barbara's summary.

Weird how that's always the solution. Whether or not one is as explicit as Strings, that's the result of bitter feminism.

It's 2024 and falling in love is now racist!

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