Eagle Scout Blake Mohs was killed trying to stop shoplifters at Home Depot. He was about to be a newlywed.
· Apr 20, 2023 · NottheBee.com

We have a serious problem – an infectious rot that is killing everything – that has consumed America and we aren't allowed to talk about it.

Innocents like Blake Mohs are the victims.

From ABC 7:

Police have identified the man who was shot and killed while trying to stop a theft in progress at a California Home Depot Tuesday afternoon.

The victim has been identified as 26-year-old Blake Mohs, who was a Home Depot loss prevention employee and Tri-Valley, California resident, police said Wednesday.

That's a fancy way to say Mohs was a security guard. It was his job to make sure that his store could stay in business by not letting thieves make off with the goods that decent, hardworking people need.

According to police, Mohs confronted a 32-year-old black woman who tried to sneak off through the loading dock with a stolen electronic product. Mohs confronted her and she pulled a gun and shot him.

The woman then fled to a car where her 31-year-old partner and her 2-year-old child were waiting in a getaway car. Witnesses saw the gun thrown from the car before they raced away.

...[the gun] was tracked to Oakland, California by the Alameda County Sheriff's Office.

Both of these suspects are now in jail, facing charges of murder, robbery, child endangerment, and conspiracy.

Here's the thing: We're not allowed to talk about this beyond reporting it as a senseless tragedy; something that's too random to predict.

But you and I know that's a lie of omission. There is a scourge of theft and lawlessness happening across the country right now, but the media and politicians have turned a blind eye to it depending on your skin color because said journalists and leaders are RACISTS.

I am not racist for noticing that a disproportionate number of black individuals commit crime in this country, especially murder and the flash-mob retail theft in big cities. I am not racist for pointing out the moral degeneracy of black families/communities and the welfare dependency that has hollowed out their souls. I weep for my black American countrymen who have been utterly destroyed by vice and fatherlessness.

But what's worse is that they are given a free pass. The justice system has seen fit to treat them as spoiled brats instead of making them fear doing evil. There are plenty of dumb white criminals, but imagine if the races were reversed. Imagine that a two-bit Bonnie & Clyde shot a black employee before racing off with their toddler.

How would the media cover it?

How severe would the book be thrown at the perps?

We both know the answer to that. We just aren't allowed to talk about it.

"Every time I've seen [Blake] at work, he had a real enthusiastic mood about him at work, like he wasn't just there to do his job, he was actually enjoying his work," said David, a family friend. "I came in and it was like he wasn't even working there, it was just like talking to a friend."

My condolences to his fiancé, who deserved so much more.

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