Bomb squad removes naval missile that homeowners used as garden decoration for over 100 years
ยท Dec 8, 2023 ยท

Bro, this guy was gardening in the presence of a live missile for over 40 years. And the family who lived there before him said the missile had already been in the garden for decades. A late-1800s naval projectile just chillin there next to the beets waiting to explode.

Check out this weirdly-shaped garden gnome:

Not sure how or why the bomb squad was called here, but once they inspected the bomb they realized it was live, though hadn't much of a charge.

A bomb squad was called to a home in Wales when a decoration that had adorned the garden for over a century was identified as a 19th century military bomb.



Jeffrey Edwards, 77, who has lived at the house in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, for 41 years, said the previous owners of the house, the Morris family, told him the object had been in the yard for decades โ€ฆ

The object was long thought to be an inert military missile from the 19th century, but a police officer told Edwards and his wife, Sian, last week that the Ministry of Defense needed to inspect the bomb.

This little story about the discovery of the bomb by the previous owner sounds like it's from a John Steinbeck novel so I'll drop that here too.

"Well, Pop Morris, who went around delivering lemonade, was going down to Broad Haven with his horse and cart and found the shell," Edwards told the BBC. "He struggled back up the beach with it, put it on the back of his cart and had a very bouncy 7-mile ride back home. He plonked it upright in the front courtyard and that's where it remained."

I love stuff like this for some reason. Those were such simpler times.

Luckily for Pop Morris, nothing happened that day!

The bomb, which weighed a full 64 pounds, dates between 1880 and 1890, and was meant to be fired from a warship. It was detonated by specialists at a nearby quarry.

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