Boston University students offered therapy in wake of recent Supreme Court decisions
· Jul 3, 2023 ·

As you may very well know, the Supreme Court last week came to a decision on three very controversial issues: Affirmative action, religious freedom (to not bake the cake), and student debt forgiveness. On all of these they made the correct constitutional decisions, which set liberals nationwide to "triggered" mode.

It was, and still is, amazing to watch, especially when you got institutions like Boston University doing stuff like this:

Yes, they sent out an email recommending therapy to LAW STUDENTS over these Supreme Court decisions!

In an email obtained by Fox News Digital, the student board began by lambasting the Supreme Court's decision in the Students for Fair Admissions case, which declared race-based affirmative action in college admissions is unconstitutional.

"[The assenting judges] went so far as to say that the race-based admission system uses race as a negative and operates it as a stereotype," the letter stated. "They may couch their opinion in legal jargon, but we all know what this opinion aims to do: advocate for a ‘colorblind' admission process…

"As a reminder, BU also offers a number of wellness resources that are willing and able to help students navigate these times."


I love how this political rant turns into a genuine recommendation for students to seek therapy on campus. Like, we're ticked, but for those of us who are sobbing in the corner, here's where you can find help.

For the record, this isn't some special therapy concerning the Supreme Court decisions, it's just therapy the school offers at all times. But the fact that they pointed students in the direction of school therapists over these Supreme Court decisions is just peak leftism and I love it!

Orange man still working his magic from the sidelines, y'all!!

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