Brave Antifa warriors fight fascism by sucker punching senior citizens, women at D.C. Trump rally
· Nov 15, 2020 ·

There are cowards, and then there are Antifa thugs. Specifically these Antifa thugs.

As the Million MAGA March for Stop the Steal was ending today in D.C., leftist counter-protesters decided to attack older individuals and women after the majority of people had left.

You want a picture of the divide in America right now? You want to have a visual to show people the difference between what a Biden vote gets you versus a Trump vote? This is it. Forget the media. Forget the congressional battles. I don't care what Pelosi or AOC says right now. Let's forget them entirely for the moment.

Andy Ngo - the reporter who has been dealing with Antifa for years in Portland - assembled THIS visual of the paths before us, America:

[Warning: Many Graphic Videos]

This isn't even HALF the violent encounters that were recorded.

Of course, the media won‘t report on this. Instead, they‘ll talk about how most Trump supporters weren't wearing masks. They'll show a few clips where the Proud Boys and others finally started punching back, editing things to make it look like the Antifa terrorists are the victims. That is, of course, if they cover the massive rally AT ALL.

POTUS was ticked as heck by the violence:

You want to know how most Trump supporters reacted? With displays like this show of support for our brave police officers and singing the national anthem:

In case you didn't get the message in all this, here it is in black and white:

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