Breonna Taylor’s mom just called BLM a "fraud" in an epic takedown of race hustlers looking to get rich off grief

Apr 17th

Last year, Breonna Taylor was a central figure in the BLM movement. There were calls to "say her name" for the past year as we had national conversations about the very history and soul of America.

Those in power, of course, pushed the narrative that Americans needed to bend the knee to the Black Lives Matter organization and insisted that both it and the wider movement were as righteous and pure as the driven snow.

Here's what Breonna Taylor's mother had to say this week about BLM and other "social justice" groups using her daughter's death for political power:

[Warning: Language]

That looks like a pretty scathing indictment to me.

Could it be, perhaps, that there are multiple things that are true? That we need to have serious conversations about crime, the family, and police training – and that groups like BLM are a bunch of Marxist race hustlers getting rich off tragedy and grief?

I'll let you decide.


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