Britain's NHS is banning terms like "chestfeeding" and creating rules to ensure the “privacy and protection” of women ✊
· Apr 29, 2024 ·

You love to see it.

Britain's National Health Service (NHS) is reversing course on "inclusive" transgender policies that are anti-scientific amid growing evidence of the harm they have caused to patients, particularly children.

The biggest fuss is over a ban on terms like "chestfeeding," a "gender-inclusive" word that was created because men taking estrogen can lactate and some of these weirdos are breastfeeding children. Such terms have been widely pushed by the governing bodies of hospital systems over the past few years.

Only a few months ago, the NHS itself assured us that "chest milk" was just as good as breastmilk 👇

It seems they've come to their senses and are backing away from the trans cult.

The NHS is to crack down on transgender ideology in hospitals, with terms like "chestfeeding" set to be banned.

Victoria Atkins, the Health Secretary, will this week announce a series of changes to the NHS constitution which sets out patients' rights.

Referring to "people who have ovaries" rather than "women" will also be prohibited under plans to ensure hospitals use clear language based on biological sex.

That's truly amazing. I mean, it's insane they needed to pass new rules in a hospital to state that "women are women." But at least they aren't so blinded by progressivism and pride that they can't admit their mistake.

The new constitution would also no longer allow "trans women" (AKA men pretending to be women) to be housed in single-sex female hospital wards. Both men and women will be able to insist that intimate care be provided by people of the same sex if they request it.

Imagine that, men won't be allowed in women's only spaces!!

I never thought I'd see the day!

Gender politics is being kicked out of the hospitals! In England!!


In March, the NHS announced a ban on gender procedures for children.

The Telegraph says a government source explicitly state that the change in course is meant to protect women and children.

The Government has been clear that biological sex matters, and women and girls are entitled to receive the protection and privacy they need in all healthcare settings.

But not everyone is taking the news well.

(Activists. LGBTQ+ activists aren't taking it well.)

This person is not mad at the policy. This person is mad at reality.

Finn Mackay is a self-described "radical trans feminist campaigner." She identifies as "a queer butch, or transmasc."

This is the person who wants you to know that terms like "chestfeeding" or "people who menstruate" isn't ideology, but inCLuSioN.

At the end of the day, reality always wins.

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