Bro, was Tupac gay? This old video is going viral and it's got people thinking ๐Ÿค”
ยท Apr 16, 2024 ยท

You tell me if this is a gangster rapper or some guy you might meet in the Fruit Loop down on 1st Street.



Is your gaydar going off as wildly as mine is?

Like, there's almost no doubt in my mind now that Tupac was a gay man and he simply played a gangster rapper on stage for his entire career, especially when I learned that he was a theater major at the Baltimore School for the Arts and did ballet.

Let's not forget the recent revelations of all this gay stuff in rap music.

[Rodney "Lil Rod"] Jones' 70-page filing, which was submitted in the Southern District of New York, is rife with damning details. He says that while living with Combs in multiple states, crafting 2023's The Love Album, he was subject to mistreatment by Combs, including the Bad Boy Records founder fondling his genitals, sexually coercing him in various manners, and holding parties where underage girls were in attendance (while drugging attendees).

Get on Twitter and type in "Diddy Bieber" "Diddy Meek Mills" or simply "Diddy gay" and you'll find quite the rabbit hole.

And don't forget this little gem from the New Orleans gangsta rappers:



So bro, am I surprised this old video of Tupac seems to show a gay man, even though I've heard Tupac's music and there was no way in my mind that he'd be gay?

No, not in the slightest.

I'm starting to think that in order to make it into the rap game you don't have to go through some jump-in or another type of gang ritual, you just have to go do some Diddy stuff. I'm not joking.

Rappers are gonna have to start proving their straightness from now on, or else I'm just gonna have to assume that they're gay.

Here's that entire 1988 Tupac interview for you:

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