Brussels police shut down conservative convention after mayor opposes speakers' ideas
· Apr 16, 2024 ·

So much for European free speech!

National Conservatives Convention (NatCon), is a conservative convention organized by the Edmund Burke Foundation that meets yearly and this year they chose Brussels, Belgium, as their host city.

But it turns out, Brussels doesn't seem to care for them.

The mayor of Brussels caught wind of the event and sent out his police goon squad to shut things down.

They didn't want dangerous radicals like [checks notes] Rod Dreher and Yoram Hazony, spreading evil ideas like "God and family are good" in their city.

Here's the statement from the Mayor of Brussels (I'll use Google Translate on it):

I issued an order from the Mayor to ban the "National Conservatism Conference" event to guarantee public safety.

In Etterbeek, Brussels City and Saint-Josse, the far-right is not welcome.

The "far-right" is simply not welcome. If you hold basic conservative views, or even host conservatives, your livelihood will be destroyed and you'll be branded a Nazi.

This is Brussels, home of NATO and the European Union. Not Cuba!!!

What is happening to the "free" world????

That's where it stands most recently at the time of writing. They've locked everyone outside the NatCon venue, and if you are already inside, and leave, you will not be allowed to return.

This is NatCon we're talking about! Nigel Farage, Rod Dreher, JD Vance. It's not some far-right Nazi rally.

What happened to free speech in Europe?

The absolute state of things.

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