Anheuser-Busch CEO releases buzzword-filled non-apology in response to Dylan-Mulvaney-gate
· Apr 14, 2023 ·

What a way to say absolutely nothing:

Translation: "We're sorry you noticed we're partnering with mentally-ill men and their sexual fetishes. America, America, [Eagle.GIF], please buy our beer."

Okay, I'm probably being too harsh on the poor guy. He probably didn't know that hiring a woke marketing exec would get him in such hot water.

But the appropriate response here would be something like this:

"We have thousands of partnerships with various public figures and social influencers from a wide array of backgrounds. While we want to make everyone feel included at the table, we also do not support divisive political issues centered around America's cultural conversations on sex and sexuality. We apologize for partnering with the individual in question and will implement a more robust procedure in the future to ensure we bring people together over a beer."

Of course, he can't say that, because the militant woke people who make up 1% of the nation will crucify him for being reasonable.

Dylan Mulvaney is an offensive caricature of women, and not only that, but the most cartoonish stereotypes of women. He fetishizes being a little girl and prances around on TikTok for attention.

But for that "bravery," he has been invited to the White House by Joe Biden.

Because the CEO doesn't have the guts to actually say a dang thing, he's left with this desperate plea:

  • We employ tens of thousands of people (you don't want to hurt them, do you?).
  • We never meant to make you angry (promise I won't do it again, babe).
  • We're respectable (you don't want to tarnish our reputation in polite society, do you?)
  • I'm here to listen (you wouldn't send such a sensitive guy packing, would you?)

If that sounds like an abusive boyfriend making excuses, that's intentional.

Like I said, I know I'm being hard on Whitworth. He probably does love America and respect his customers. But if he'd actually been listening, he would have never gone within 10 miles of Dylan Mulvaney.

We're beyond the "bridge under the water" phase of our cultural civil war. The only way forward is to make these woke corporations understand the cost of business in 2023.

There are two value systems in this nation, and you're gonna have to pick one or the other.

Make your choice, and stop trying to deceive the people you disagree with just because you want their cash!


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