California has a new breed of criminal to deal with: Sea Pirates.
· Sep 17, 2023 ·

California's crime problems are taking the next step toward becoming a lawless communist state — now, they have sea pirates.

That's right. Honest to goodness sea pirates are ransacking and stealing boats in Californian marinas.

Steven Young had his 40-foot Sea Ray yacht stolen. They spotted it a few days later, stuck on some nearby rocks. The thieves were still aboard.

Young called the police for help.

"I told them somebody's on the boat; they're moving it as we speak," recalled Young. "Can you just go down and impound it? The police gave us, 'Well do you have a police report?' I said, 'No, we just found it. It's grounded; there's people on it. Can you do anything?' They said, 'We can't do anything. What you need to do is get a police report.'"

The police never came.

To be fair, the police don't have many experienced sailors on the force. The city of Oakland, for example, only has one officer who knows how to operate a boat.

Young says eventually the insurance company contacted him that the boat had been recovered, but there wasn't much left.

"What they did to the boat was just unbelievable," Young said. "Normally, you'd expect them to take the dinghy and your liquor and stuff like that. But they took the fishing poles. They took the fighting chairs; they took the barbecue pits. And everything they didn't take, they destroyed."

They stole GPS equipment, bilge pumps, and three handguns with ammunition.

It wasn't all theft though. The pirates left Young some gifts: used hypodermic needles and the message "I love Jessie" written in bleach on the couch cushions.

It's gotten bad enough that sailors in California are arming themselves for the high seas.

Michael West who lives aboard a boat says,

"...someone in this marina had to defend themselves with guns against the pirates. And that's where it is right now. Everybody here has a gun or knife or a sword or a stick or something, you know, to protect themselves."

"So, we don't even bother to call the police anymore," said West. "See, we're going to handle it ourselves."

So, the golden state has pretty much fallen backwards two-hundred years in civilized living.

It's every man, woman, and child for themselves.

Honestly, California is just an embarrassment to the U.S. at this point.

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