California man sues psychic for fraud ... I don't know how anyone could have seen that coming ๐Ÿ™„
ยท ยท Oct 11, 2021 ยท

A California man was looking for help in his marriage so, naturally, he went to a psychic.

Mauro Restrepo found a "psychic" named Sophia Adams who owns the business Psychic Love Specialist by Sophia. He found her website through a Google search on Sept. 17 and her website stated she is a "Ph.D Life Coach" and "psychic love coach," according to Fox LA.

Restrepo went to meet Adams and she read his tarot cards and basically told him that he is cursed. She told him he had "mala suerte," meaning "bad luck," caused by curse placed on him by an ex-girlfriend.

But good news for Restrepo, he was in the good and trustworthy hands of a psychic!

Luckily for him, Adams told him she can remove the curse. But it will cost him $5,100... because of course it does (she is a business woman after all)!

Adams also warned him if she did not lift the curse he and his family would be "unhappy and in danger."

He basically had no choice, right? What's a measly five grand to improve your marriage?

So, he gave Adams a $1,000 deposit.

To absolutely no one's surprise (maybe other than poor Restrepo) the psychic and the money did not help Restrepo's marriage in any way, at all.

The next step Restrepo took was filing a lawsuit.

Restrepo is seeking $25,000 and is going after the so-called psychic, her business, her husband, her daughter, and even the clairvoyant's landlords.

In all seriousness though, I hope Restrepo works things out at home.

Promising things out of this world can get you sued IN this world.

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