Watch: These California School Board Members Were Caught Bashing Parents Who Want Schools To Reopen In What They THOUGHT Was a Closed Meeting

Feb 18th

The Oakley, California School Board should be in deep fear of backlash for comments made by members of the board insulting parents who want schools to reopen.

The school board members, who are obviously such sweet and kind people, had some choice words to say about the parents who have taken to social media calling them out for not reopening in person learning.

Strong language ahead, FYI.

They thought they were alone, but one parent had joined the meeting early and decided to get out a second device and record the school board members vile insults and let people see just what these bureaucrat think of the families they're supposed to be serving.

[Language Warning]

In the first clip you see one school board member (school board member!) who doesn't take well to criticism. In response the board member asks if they are alone (she doesn't know they aren't) and then proceeds to unleash a string of profanities on the parents who just want schools to reopen, saying that she would "F*** them up!"

Exactly the kind of thing you want to hear from people who are representing you and your children.

They won't let schools open, despite the clear evidence that there is no reason to shut down schools, and when parents point this out they can expect to be ridiculed and laughed at by government swamp creatures behind closed doors.

A board member then says that parents wanting schools to reopen "just want their babysitters back." This implies a couple of things, first that the parents somehow don't care about the education of their children, which is an extremely insulting presumption. The second thing it implies is that the teachers in Oakley are nothing more than babysitters. An insulting thing to say about the people who are supposedly training up the next generation.

Also, this is another Babylon Bee prophecy fulfilled!

Then, because they just couldn't get enough of making fun of their constituents, another board member chimes in that his brother runs a marijuana delivery service and that his top clientele are parents with kids in school.

See? Parents only want to offload their kids on the public schools so they can sit at home all day and smoke pot. Obviously.

It isn't because parents have jobs they need to do, and want their children in school to learn, and that through their taxes they are still paying teachers to just sit home all day and not do their jobs. There's no way that could be a real concern.

Just another reminder that school boards don't always really care about your kids. YOU and your family are the only people you know who really care about the wellbeing of your own children. Even if schools opened back up in Oakley, I don't know how parents could now entrust these people with the task of educating their progeny.

Thank goodness for this parent having the presence of mind to film what was happening so the world can see. You can watch the full length recording here.


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