California teachers being trained to help students “decodify systems of oppression” including “private property and God.” This is fine.
· Apr 15, 2021 ·

No biggie, just a state educational institution attempting to classify as a "system of oppression" the notion of private property, the foundation on which the very notion of American liberty rests.

Oh, and God, too. That's gotta go if you want to eliminate oppression.

You want to eliminate oppression, right? You aren't one of those white supremacists, are you?

Which reminds me, we'll just keep this whole "decodifying systems of oppression" thing between us, okay? Don't tell your parents. Or school administrators. They aren't yet ready for the revolution to come.

We should probably start from the beginning.

Santa Clara County Office of Education denounces the United States as a "parasitic system" based on the "invasion" of "white male settlers" and encourages teachers to "cash in on kids' inherent empathy" in order to recruit them into political activism.

About that invasion of "white male settlers..."

First, they weren't all male. If they were, they would have all died off by now, no matter what gender any of them identified as.

Second, they weren't all exactly "white." You would think they would have noticed this given they were providing this presentation in Santa Clara, just north of San Jose and south of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Palo Alto, and all located in the state of California a name derived from a 16th-century Spanish romance novel.

I guess it must have been "white Hispanics" who were doing all the colonizing while the non-white Hispanics were somewhere busy being oppressed in-between creating one of the most powerful global empires the world had ever seen.

I know it can be difficult distinguishing between white Hispanics and non-white Hispanics but all you need to do is ask yourself one question:

Which one furthers whatever political narrative is being pushed by leftists at that particular point in time?

So, white male settlers with an unexpected fondness for naming things in Spanish it is!

We then move on to the obligatory "Land Acknowledgement."

We've come across this before, and I typically point out that at best, we know who the most recent inhabitants of the land were prior to the arrival of the white-for-now Spaniards. To assume there were none of the wars, murderous raids, or tribal rampages prior to that in the multi-thousand-year history of the land's occupation by humans is to infantilize the indigenous people they purport to honor (and to know absolutely nothing about them to boot).

I would like to note something else here, though. The people making the presentation have no intention whatsoever of giving the land back. Hey, they've got mortgages too!

May our daily lives and work - researching, teaching, and community engagement - support the evolving vision of the Muwekma Ohlone for their community and these lands.


"May we be required only to pay lip service to the indigenous inhabitants while we continue to avail ourselves of all the benefits of a free and prosperous society while we endeavor to tear it down for future generations."

Moving on, private property and God are right up there with genocide as far as these neo-Marxists are concerned.

Before I highlight one of the slides, be warned, this is not writing. This is vocabulary violence. There is something about Marxists, maybe they hate themselves and want you to be just as miserable, that compels them to brutalize language in the same manner they brutalize architecture.

"Imperialism" is at the root of private property and God/religion.


They focus quite a bit on Christopher Columbus who it should be pointed out was a white Italian funded by white Spaniards.

If you have to be "awakened to the oppression," you probably are not being awakened. You are probably being brainwashed.


And that is how you intellectualize!

These are crimes against coherence, it's sentence slaughter, it's gerund genocide, it's verb vomit; they want to decolonize English by making it as ugly as possible.

The panelists advised local teachers to hide this political program from administrators and parents. "District guidelines and expectations are barriers," said one panelist. "[We] have to be extra careful ... now that we're in people's homes [because of remote learning]."

That would explain the thinking behind this piece from last year that I was alerted to by @legojack.

The whole thread is here if you feel I have insufficiently tortured you.

Rufo leaves us with a caution. This goes well beyond one nutty county. The recently adopted state-wide "ethnic studies" curriculum incorporates many of these concepts.

The notion that they plan to "cash in on kids' inherent empathy" goes beyond frightening. It's child abuse.

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