Can someone please explain to me why so many people are getting sick and suffering unexplained, mysterious deaths as of late?
· Jul 1, 2022 ·

Here's a legitimate question for you: Can you ever recall a time when there were so many mysterious, inexplicable illnesses and sicknesses in outwardly healthy people making so many headlines on what is arguably a daily basis?

Put another way: What exactly is going on here? Consider just a small assortment of headlines from just the last several weeks alone, involving people young and older, famous and local, black and white—pretty much everybody:

Former Rockdale High student Barron Mann was all set to graduate with honors from Shorter University in Rome before he died. ...

It came 5 days after Barron suddenly died in his mother's home in Conyers.

"I heard him come to the stairs and he said we got to go to the hospital. I can't breathe," Thornton recalled.

Barron was seemingly healthy. An amateur boxer. A member of the wrestling team at Rockdale High.

At the time of that report, the coroner was still trying to figure out why the young man died. There have apparently been no further reports on his mysterious death.

"Saturday Night Live" stars are mourning a fellow comedian.

On Monday, Juno award-nominated comic, Nick Nemeroff, suddenly died, according to his obituary page. He was 32.

"It is with profound sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our beloved brother Nick Nemeroff," a statement on his Instagram read. ...

On Nemeroff's obituary page, a cause of death was not listed ...

No news reports as of Thursday afternoon listed Nemeroff's cause of death.

Xerox boss John Visentin has died at age 59 after experiencing complications from an undisclosed "ongoing illness," the company announced on Wednesday.

Xerox officials said that Visentin, the company's CEO and vice chairman, had "unexpectedly passed away." Xerox COO Steve Bandrowczak will serve as interim CEO.

That's a bit of an odd way to put it—the man was suffering from an "ongoing illness," and yet he "unexpectedly passed away?" That doesn't seem to add up.

Harry Gration, the former presenter of BBC Yorkshire's Look North news programme, has died suddenly, aged 71.

Mr Gration joined the BBC in 1978 and Look North in 1982. He presented his last show in 2020. ...

Mr Gration's wife, Helen, paid tribute to her husband, saying: "He will forever be with us."

She added: "Our three boys and I loved Harry totally. We had an awful lot of fun with him and our home was his life."

Now, not to go on and on about it, but 71 isn't exactly young—it's certainly not as young as an 18-year-old boxer and wrestler, say. Still, Gration's death was plainly unanticipated; even his wife was in "disbelief" over his passing.

According to the Chesterfield Professional Fire Fighters Association, 41-year-old Alicia Monahan was teaching a swift water rescue course in North Carolina on Saturday, June 25, when she unexpectedly passed away.

As if to underscore the inexplicable nature of the tragedy, the CPFFA referred to Monahan's death as "untimely."

The student community at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is mourning after a 19-year-old student and star lacrosse player died "unexpectedly" Monday.

Aidan Kaminska, who was born in Stony Brook, New York, was a sophomore majoring in communications and a midfielder on the Minutemen lacrosse team, according to an obituary.

It is very much worth noting that many of these unexplained deaths involve people who are nominally in excellent shape—a lacrosse player, a firefighter, a boxer. What gives?

Even in cases where there are more details surrounding the unexpected death, it still doesn't really make sense:

Former Miss United Continents Brazil in 2018 Gleycy Correia has died at the age of 27.

Correia died at a private clinic on Monday after being in a coma for the past two months. The beauty pageant queen underwent a surgery to remove her tonsils and days later suffered heavy bleeding and had a heart attack on April 4.

A routine tonsil surgery leads to hemorrhaging...then a heart attack...then death? What on Earth?

These are just a small sampling of stories like this in just the past few months alone. Can someone explain what exactly is going on here?

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