Can you guess who's funding Joe Biden's "TikTok Army"?
· Sep 18, 2023 ·

Yeah, you guessed right.

Far-left multibillionaire activist, investor, and vampire, George Soros, is funding those hilariously inauthentic TikTok videos made by insufferable teens with weird hair that we've all seen floating around the internet.

The NY Post reports:

Soros' Open Society Foundation shelled out $5.5 million to the nonprofit Accelerate Action Inc. in 2020 and 2021 — which in turn gave at least $300,000 in 2022 to another nonprofit, Gen Z for Change, which boasts a network of 500 "activists, organizers, and creators," tax filings show.

According to the most recent public tax documents, Accelerate Action is the sole nonprofit organization that has contributed to Gen Z for Change. Here's the latter's logo if you want to get some idea of how left of Lenin they are:

So Soros is showering these young balloonheads with cash to regurgitate leftist talking points on TikTok. Their basic fairyland platform can be summed up by this video from the group's founder, which he (?) posted 5 days ago:

"We are unequivocally supportive of Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, Palestinian liberation, [and] a plethora of progressive policies."

Always follow the money. On the far left side of the aisle, if you dig deep enough, it always seems to come back to György Schwartz, AKA George Soros, AKA the Billionaire Bolshevik Boogeyman.


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