Canadian dude, upset that beauticians were not forced to wax his junk, files new human rights complaint for beauty-pageant rejection

Oct 29th

Today in clown world news, we bring you the sad story of a gentleman who was denied entry into a female-only beauty pageant.

You may have heard of this fella before, when he made international news in 2019 for trying to force 16 beauty salons to wax his nether regions. Fortunately, while Canada is pushing hard to nullify liberty in pursuit of Wokeness, a tribunal rightly ruled that it's PROFOUNDLY wrong to force women to handle a guy's junk.

Well, transgender activist Jonathan Yaniv – who calls himself "Jessica" – is at it again, this time seeking $10,000 for "injury to dignity and feelings" from a beauty pageant that claimed only women could participate.

Before we go any further in this analysis, a picture of Yaniv would be helpful.

I could end the discussion right here. If you are a breathing human with working eyeballs and an even-remotely functioning brain, I really don't need to explain this any further. However, since this is the year of our Lord 2020 – where all the rules are made up and the points don't matter – let me elaborate on this train wreck of a man who's made it a point to harass women with his lewd and grotesque fantasies.

(And lest you think I'm waxing hyperbolic on this man having delusional fantasies, let me point out that he also filed a complaint when a gynecologist refused to see him and wanted to host a pool party with girls under age 12 with no parents allowed.)

Yaniv has filed another complaint with Ontario's Human Rights Tribunal over the pageant rejection, saying that Canada Galaxy Pageants discriminated against him because he has male genitals.

Ya think, Sherlock?

Yaniv also wants the tribunal to rule (because in Canada, you don't have a separation of powers that keeps panels of judges from dictating your life) that no women's beauty pageant can turn away men because of their plumbing.

Galaxy Pageants tried to defend itself from this clown attack, stating that they do allow men who have removed their manhood in the pageant, but don't apparently want a contestant walking around with a bulge in their pants.

"Yaniv has male genitals and was born a biological male, but now self-identifies as female," said the company's legal counsel in a sentence our forefathers would baffle at. "In May 2019, Yaniv applied to be a contestant in the Pageant, and was tentatively accepted. Yaniv did not mention being transgender prior to applying. At the time, Canada Galaxy Pageants had a formal policy of accepting genetic females as contestants, but would still accept transgender females who had fully transitioned and no longer had male genitals. This policy was noted in all paperwork and on the website. The pageant's policy has since been revised to include 'genetic females and fully transitioned.'"

Let me just stop for all the woman out there and point out that you are apparently no longer exclusively female. You're just "genetic" females.

The pageant also tried to defend the obviously intolerant policy of creating a safe space for women where men aren't prancing around their dressing rooms.

"Biological women and girls must continue to have the freedom to associate with other biological women and girls in activities that serve their unique interests and needs as females," said the company's legal team in a statement that is sure to trigger social justice warriors everywhere.

I don't want to degrade the very real and very serious psychological disorder of gender dysphoria. Compassion, professional treatment, and respect are all important. I want to treat even the most ardent transgender activists with the dignity afforded them as men and women created in the image of God.

That being said, this man has made it a mission to expose himself to women and children. Even voices within the trans community have called out Yaniv, including Blaire White, a conservative transgender YouTube personality born as "Robert White" (I know it's confusing, I'm sorry).

Yaniv was even arrested following a YouTube livestream altercation with White when Yaniv flashed a stun gun (remember, it's Canada).

Here he is taking a photo in a women's restroom:

And, just in case you needed more reasons to dislike this bundle of sunshine, here's a video of him screaming and yelling at someone.

Normally, society need not pay attention to someone like Yaniv. His actions should not be given attention, but reported to and dealt with by the proper authorities. Attention is very clearly what he is after — and he keeps getting it.

In clown world, however, where we're increasingly proclaiming reality to be subjective, we are forced to take his ridiculousness seriously. Yaniv is simply taking advantage of the "progressive" landscape we are creating for ourselves. His lawsuit will likely be thrown out like those before, but I have to ask: how long until men like him are given the blessing of the state to conduct all their lewd fantasies at the expense of others?

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