"Freedom Convoy" truckers amazed by "incredible" support from countrymen providing food, gas, rides: "I've never been more proud to be a Canadian"
· Feb 6, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Just imagine the most beautiful Canadian accent in your mind as you read these truckers describe the support they've felt from their countrymen over the past few days.

Travis: "There's people knocking on my door every five minutes wanting to give," trucker Travis said. "There has been nothing but caring, sharing, and giving."

Mat: "There's been so many people coming up to us and shaking our hands and helping us with food and drinks and whatnot. The support has been incredible. I've never seen anything like it. I've never been more proud to be a Canadian."

Andrew: "I got guys that come up to my door and offer me cash donations. I refuse. I don't want cash. I'm not doing this to make money. I'm doing this for the choice, for everybody's choice, for freedoms."

At the start of the "Freedom Convoy," two college students set up tables and water boilers outside the Canadian Parliament Building, providing food, drinks, clothes, and more. They've been doing it for nearly one week straight!

"Anyone who is hungry is being fed," one of the students, Nathan Savoy, said. "We've had people filling up backpacks who need it and keeping people fueled up and fighting for freedom. We're going to be out here as long as it takes."


"Honestly, it feels like it's coming out of nowhere," the other student, Dylan Gordon said. "Every morning, when we've been showing up the last five days, there's been more and more food just showing up at our table, even when there's no one even behind it."

The table has been opened to other people such as homeless people and supporters of the protest.

"We've had plenty of homeless people come by our table and just filled their bags with as much food as they could carry," Gordon said. "Plenty of locals come by who have had their jobs hurt by this protest."

Truckers have also received donations for fuel and shuttle rides to and from their hotels:

"I've been bringing about one to four guys back and forth, bringing them there in the night to catch up sleep, shower, bring them back for the day," Laura, who has been shuttling truckers, said.

"Well, we're just out here helping fuel up the trucks, keep the drivers happy, anything they need, we're trying to take care of them," Mark said. "They're fighting for our freedom, so we've got to fight for what they need."

I'm not even Canadian, but I can't help but feel some level of pride when I read quotes like that. This kinda reminds me of what I felt when I first saw Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" and I'm not even British.

"Do you see how caring these people are? That's Canada. That is Canada. Let us be Canada again," Travis said.

Well said, Travis. Well said.


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