Canadian government tested facial recognition software on millions of people at Toronto airport without their consent and maybe masking up forever isn't such a bad idea after all
· · Jul 21, 2021 ·

Boy I sure am glad I'm not a Canadian.

(As if stuff like this doesn't happen here in America...)

How about that?!?

Yeah Canada, just go ahead and scan millions of our faces, run them through a database, and hey, when you find one of your "bad guys," if you could just pull them aside for a secondary inspection that would be great.

And you know what? Why don't you go ahead and do it for six months, just to be sure it works.

Yup, this actually happened in 2016 at the Toronto Pearson Airport without any sort of consent from the general public.

A total of 31 cameras and 14 capture zones [were] installed in Terminal 3 of Toronto Pearson's Airport.

Thanks for the heads up Justin Trudeau. Really appreciate it!

The intent of this project was "to spot people who the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) had suspected could use fake forms of identification to try to enter the country."

And while that might seem sort of legit, we should keep in mind that this technology can be used at any time, on anyone, for whatever reason the party in power deems appropriate.

That's why people don't like this stuff.

And we really don't like it when it's done in secret.

According to the contractor hired by the government to run this project, Face4 Systems Inc, the facial recognition caught 47 people whose faces matched with the CBSA's database.

Just think: someday you could be one of those 47 people.

I'm definitely one of those anti-masker types, but I'll wear a mask for the rest of my life if this stuff is going to become the norm.


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