Canadian man charged after flying a helicopter to Dairy Queen to purchase an ice cream cake

Aug 12th

Okay here's something you don't see every day:

I, too, have been this hungry for Dairy Queen ice cream!

But I really wonder about this story.

Newsweek tells me this man flew into the town of Tisdale Saskatchewan from a small town about 65 miles away. The town, Leroy—heck of a name for a town—is not home to a DQ, so it makes sense that you'd make this trip in an aircraft.

Police say the landing took place in a "high traffic parking lot" at around 5 p.m. on a Saturday. Apparently the DQ lot was empty at the time, though.

According to police, the chopper "blew up dust and debris through the area, which includes schools, an aquatic centre and more."

And honestly, I'd have loved to be there for this. It would've been cool.

So once the helicopter landed, a lady hopped out and went inside to grab an ice cream cake. She paid the bill and set off, back into the chopper.

I'm guessing it was their kid's birthday celebration that day, but I really don't know. If so, these are some of the most dedicated parents out there.

Well, this occurrence might seem innocent enough for you or I, but for the police...ehh, not so much.

The unnamed pilot, who was licensed to legally operate the helicopter but not to land it outside the Tisdale, Saskatchewan ice cream shop, was charged with one count of dangerous operation of an aircraft…

[A Royal Canadian Mounted Police] investigation determined that the helicopter landing was "not an emergency." The pilot is expected to appear in a Melfort, Saskatchewan court on September 7.

They needed a dang ice cream cake — how is that not an emergency??

P.S. Please enjoy our latest video about a psychotic deer rescuing a rabbit by stomping the life out of a freaking hawk:


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