Cancel culture contagion continues: Mumford & Sons banjo player forced to apologize and "take time away from the band" for liking a conservative book!
· Mar 10, 2021 ·

What the actual heck.

I mean how many times can I type the words WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK!

(If I type two consecutive questions as declarative statements you know I'm heated.)

Mumford & Sons' banjo player, who can pick a mean banjo if I may say so myself, has been forced to apologize and step away from the band for the heinous act of ... checks notes ... liking a conservative book.

Here is Winston Marshall's infamous tweet that got him into all this hot water:

Yeah, that's it. Andy Ngo wrote a book about how bad Antifa is (fact check: true) and Marshall took to Twitter to praise him for it and call him brave (fact check: true).

He sent that tweet on Saturday.

3 days later and here comes his contrite apology, no doubt written by a Mumford & Sons PR team over avocado toast and pour-over coffee:

E N H A N C E :

I hate to slam Marshall for this, but then again I don't. I have no doubt his hand was forced and he was given the option of recanting or being kicked out of the band.

But, ladies and gentlemen, such decisions are the ones that define a person in the end.

Mr. Marshall, you made the wrong one.

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