CDC Director Walensky Says The CDC Is Changing From "Fully Vaxxed" To "Up To Date," Meaning You'll Have To Get Boosted To Remain "Fully Vaxxed"
· · Jan 22, 2022 ·

Would you look at that? Why it's just another "conspiracy theory" that just so happens to be totally true. Again.

Now, if you have two Covid shots, according to the CDC, you are no longer fully vaccinated. You have to get whatever booster is recommended to you in order to stay "up to date".


"We're pivoting our language..."

So, in order to avoid saying you need a booster to be fully vaxxed, the CDC is choosing to do an Orwellian language swap.

They are no longer using the term "fully vaccinated" because the definition could differ depending on how many jabs you've gotten and your eligibility. So now the term is "up to date."

This means, if you have just gotten your second shot, you are up to date. That is until you are eligible for a booster. Then you are no longer up to date. In that case you must get a third shot to be fully vaccinated. And if you are eligible for a second booster, you HAVE TO GET IT, or else you aren't uP tO dAtE.

And so on, and so forth, ad infinitum.

If the term is giving you trouble, just change the definition.

I'm sure the dictionaries and Google searches won't be far behind on this language shift.

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