Certified Balloonhead Mika Brzezinski Now Says In Order To "Follow The Science" You Need To Contradict The CDC And Keep Wearing Masks Sometimes Even If Vaccinated
· · May 18, 2021 · NottheBee.com

MSNBC Co-Host of Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski went on television this morning and decided to spew some of her own brand of anti-science, anti-vaccine misinformation, claiming she somehow now knows better than the CDC.

"If you want to follow the science, then there are times when you need to still wear the mask" Brzezinski said of fully vaccinated people. Despite there being no evidence this is the case, and despite it being in contradiction of the CDC, Mika is suddenly the total authority on the science of masking.

Mika is just another media example of someone who is so attached to masking that they will literally make up reasons to wear a mask. There's no purpose to it, vaccinated people aren't spreading Covid. But it is their favorite way to signal their moral superiority, so they won't be giving it up that easily.

Glenn Greenwald, formerly of the left-wing publication The Intercept brilliantly lays out the hypocrisy of Mika and her ilk on these liberal news networks.

The left are going to continue to cling to their masks, not because they "believe the science," but because it is their way of showing everyone that they are more righteous, more morally upright, more intelligent than the rest of us.


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