The charity responsible for England's historic monuments says Hadrian's Wall is "a symbol of LGBT history." Come see why.
· Mar 7, 2024 ·

You know that wall in England built 1,900 years ago to protect Roman Britannia from the savage northern tribes?

It's gay now!

English Heritage is a charity that preserves over 400 historical monuments across the UK in order to protect history.

And that history has apparently always been gay!

The charity said the evidence was in Emperor Hadrian having had several gay relationships while still being married to his wife Sabina, which has been well-documented in recent years.

This included his passionate relationship with Antinous, a younger Greek man whom he invited to join his tours of the Roman Empire.


The logical conclusion, of course, is that a giant wall is gay.

English Heritage said:

To understand Hadrian's Wall you have to understand the Roman emperor who built it - his career, his life and the times in which he lived.

So Hadrian had a boy lover named Antonius. Antonius died when he was only 19, and Hadrian had taken him as a sexual partner much younger than that.

When Antinous drowned in the River Nile in AD 130 Hadrian, who took control over the vast Roman Empire in AD 117, was said in ancient accounts to have wept 'like a woman.'

It was common among the upper class that an older man would sleep with an eromenos ("beloved") boy partner.

In other words, Hadrian was a pedo.

Okay, now let's do a logical experiment:

  1. Statement: Hadrian is a symbol of LGBT history.
  2. Statement: Hadrian was into having sex with boys.
  3. Conclusion: Having sex with boys is a symbol of LGBT history.


A few comments:

I can't wait for English Heritage's next revision of history.

Maybe they'll tell us the Celtic tribes that were fighting the pedo Romans looked like this:

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