Chase Bank is blocking “Covfefe Coffee” company from making transactions or even withdrawing their funds.

Feb 8th

The Left: "Alt-right conspiracy theorists keep whining about 'cancel culture' when there's no proof at all that it exists."

The Left, 2 seconds later: "Cancel that company for being conservative."

Such was the case recently with Covfefe Coffee, a company that seeks to "make coffee great again" by giving conservatives an alternative to leftist companies like Starbucks that would rather they not exist.

Here's how the company describes itself:

Do you know what your consumer habits fund? Do you know how many coffee companies donate to Planned Parenthood? Does it make sense to get your coffee from large corporations who lobby against your values? Of course not, because you're a VERY STABLE GENIUS that knows you need a MAGA coffee that doesn't take a knee on taste or values...

We understand that it is revolutionary to support [Trump], and in some cases dangerous to show support publicly. We want to end that. Not only do we provide world-class coffee backed by world-class values, but we are building a community of patriots who want to take our country back by winning the culture war."

Welp, aforementioned large companies didn't take kindly to a small outfit trying to espouse said values in the marketplace.

In this case, Chase Bank blocked Covfefe from accepting payments through its WePay system, which was the company's primary way of taking payments.

No reason was given for essentially killing a business other than that ever-vague "violation of the terms of service."

"Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to use WePay Payments to accept additional payments," said Chase. "Any pending payments will be canceled and you won't be able to withdraw funds at this time."

Covfefe is hobbling along with PayPal... at least until PayPal catches wind that such a "hateful" company is using its services.

A representative for the coffee company said they've been using WePay for two years and have no idea why they'd be stonewalled other than their pro-Trump stance...

You know, that WILDLY fringe position held by HALF of all voters.

Maybe they were cancelled for their obviously rAciSt logo:

Or maybe the Chase Bank thought police couldn't comprehend the beauty of this mug:

Or perhaps it was the super hateful reviews of the customers (who are clearly Nazi terrorists):

Hail the era of uNiTy!!!


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