ChatGPT has come up with a stereotype for the residents of every single US state. Iowa is particularly cruel.
· Apr 26, 2023 ·

This is some hard-hitting journalism right here:

ChatGPT has been accused of being woke and shying away from offensive feedback — but not when it comes to negative stereotypes about Americans. asked the revolutionary chatbot to generate a cliché about residents in each of the 50 US states, prompting some very offensive results.

Not sure I'd call these "offensive." Maybe "highly accurate and incisive" is more like it:

I mean honestly most of these are pretty spot-on. Are you going to argue otherwise?

Utah: "All part of the LDS Church." I have known people who have been to Utah and they can confirm this.

Iowa: "Boring." Ever been to Iowa? There you go.

(But I have to admit, that's particularly cruel.)

Texas: "Pro-Gun." Inarguable. Hard to imagine a truer fact.

New Jersey: "Connected with organized crime." HBO had a long-running documentary series about this some years back.

Alaska: "Reclusive." Seriously, does anyone know what goes on up there?

Idaho: "Gun-toting survivalists." I absolutely love it.

The fact that AI has labeled some conservative states like Kentucky and Tennessee "backward" just makes me love said states even more.

Oh, they're "backward" when it comes to transing the kids and the Marxist revolution? Count me in!

About the only thing I really disagree with is the AI's label for Ohio. Turn "down-to-earth" to "worst-on-earth" and you've nailed it!


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