Check out 9 of the most expensive real-life movie stunts ever and the details behind them
· Mar 25, 2023 ·

This is awesome.

Shout out to Trung Phan for compiling this thread like a real one. Let's get straight into it.

[Warning: Violence and language in some of the clips below.]

Oh man. Do you remember seeing that scene for the first time, and how badly you wanted a Ducati afterword?

Here's the whole scene because you have to see Morpheus slicing the Escalade with the sword and then opening fire with his fully auto Glock with a 30-round mag:

Next up: Cliffhanger:

Dude really and truly zip-lined between two flying planes. Amazing.

You knew this one from Dark Knight Rises would be in there:

They bought a real plane and spent 2 months on that stunt. Legendary.


$10M in today's money for one scene ... and "it took 1,000 people a year to carve the arena out of a rock quarry." That sounds like it might have been ... morally questionable. But anyway. Onward.

Next is Speed 2. Man, the nostalgia is real.

LOL they built a whole town!

Next up: The legendary Saving Private Ryan D-Day scene!

Here's the longer version on YouTube. It's age restricted so I can't embed it here but if you're a real American you'll go watch it.

Number 7 is Ghost Protocol:

Tom Cruise's crazy behind really scaled the world's largest building and the huge cost was for insuring him. That's awesome.

Of course Tony Stark is in the mix:

580 jumps in one month. It's like they're trying to die.

OK last one from Interstellar is not that expensive but made the list because it's awesome:

We'll allow it!

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