Check out the masterclass breakdown of this viral self-defense shooting where a bully brought a knife to a gun fight... and found out
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This viral video out of Phoenix quickly got people talking about lawful self-defense over the weekend, and since the politicians are pushing super hard to disarm us all, I'm glad to see it.

Before we get to the video, let me set the stage.

40-year-old Benjamin Backus is a financial advisor who helped his ex-felon neighbor, 32-year-old Michael Montanarella, get his life back on track by starting his own business.

Over time, Montanerella began descending into heavy drug and alcohol use, got kicked out of rehab, and developed paranoid delusions, thinking that Backus was breaking into his home and stealing things. Despite the fact that Backus and his son had moved, Montanerella showed up at his new home and threatened him before vandalizing his home and breaking windows on multiple occasions.

At this point, Backus took out a restraining order against the man.

On March 24, Backus went out to warm up his car to take his son to his SATs and head to work, but heard an engine turn on behind him. He turned around and saw Montanerella drive past him before circling back to throw a rock at him.

Montanerella jumped out of the car and began approaching Backus, who backed up down the road past his house while telling Montanerella to stop and then to get down.

With this background context in mind, watch the viral video:

[Warning: Language, Graphic]

Montanerella died at the scene.

Here's Backus describing what happened in his own words:

I tell him to get down on the ground and to stop. And he just keeps approaching and I keep repeating that... The whole time I'm trying to give him verbal commands and he's threatening me and telling me to shoot him. And finally he reaches down, and from being his neighbor I knew he owned a Sig [pistol] in the past and a .40 Smith & Wesson and I thought he was going for his gun. We're very close... it's at that point I pull the trigger at the center of his chest and he just drops.

After the shooting, he checked on Montanerella, then went inside, locked his door, and called the police. An investigation cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Here's a legal expert who breaks down why this shooting was justified in greater detail. It's worth the watch if you want to understand what is justified if you ever have to defend yourself โ€“ especially with activist DA's who are seeking to make examples of lawful citizens these days.

I've timestamped the video where the analysis starts:

In case you were wondering, Arizona is a constitutional carry state, which means citizens are not required to undergo expensive training, legal procedures, and government documentation in order to be armed with modern weaponry for self-defense (in other words, the state understands the meaning of "shall not be infringed").

Good thing this didn't happen in Canada or Backus would likely be dead!

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