Check out the reactions to Harvard Med School's 2024 class music video: "I would remove my own spleen before I allowed one of these people to touch me"
· May 5, 2024 ·

Guys, I think I'm getting just a little worried about the next generation of doctors.

A music video put together by the Harvard Med School class of 2024 is going viral. I think it's a parody of Cardi B's WAP (DO NOT LOOK THAT UP) and it's even more cringe.

Watch this and I promise you you'll start taking better care of yourself.

Lookin' at my notes but my knowledge ain't fleetin'

Spaced repetition gives me somethin' to believe in

Passed all my tests, but I just skimmed the reading ...

MD stands for My Demeanor

Ask permission before I ever greet ya.

Well, how's that for bedside manners? Arrogant, selfish, and rude.

Plus they didn't study much and still made it through.

They put this video out three years ago, but this is this year's graduating class. These are your new HARVARD EDUCATED, best and brightest, doctors.

Also, 40 people in this video, I think I can count the number of white males I saw on one hand. I wonder why Harvard doesn't have many of those? Could it be they just didn't qualify?

This is... discouraging. To say the least. But I know why you came. Not for the talentless hacks making a music video, but for the funny folks on Twitter making fun of them.








I think Seth speaks for us all. The pain may even go to 11.

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