WATCH: Check out this soulless black-eyed demon bird from the Amazon
· Dec 30, 2020 ·

Imagine this nightmare-fuel flying into your backyard on a sunny afternoon:

Apparently, this bird is called the "Great Potoo" and lives in the Amazon Basin. This video was reportedly taken in Columbia.

"I'm cute and cuddly and will murder you in your sleep!"

There are seven different species, like the Common Potoo, which looks equally as weird.

I have a new first question for God when I kick the bucket.

The potoo is a nocturnal bird (hence the big, wonky eyes) and its feathers are built to imitate tree bark, giving it natural camouflage. They'll also sit crooked and hunchbacked where a limb has broken off a tree to imitate a broken branch. This extreme stealth instinct makes it a notoriously hard bird to study.

Each species has a different call, from a demon-spawn howl to a pretty cool four-note whistle that is now stuck in my head.

While it's pretty dang cool, it's also freaky as heck.

Never say God doesn't have a sense of humor.

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