Check out this innovative plan to clean up the massive Great Pacific Garbage Patch
· · Sep 22, 2022 ·

Caring for our environment is such a polarized political issue these days that you either have to fall in line with the neo-Marxist climate doomsday cult or be branded a destroyer of worlds.

In actuality, the vast majority of us care about pollution (and capitalism allows those too poor to care about it to get richer and have more resources for stewardship, but that's another topic).

Check out one innovative plan to clean up the massive garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean where literal tons of trash are floating in a giant ball formed by intersecting currents:

The full 3-minute video of the plan can be found here.

Essentially, what The Ocean Cleanup hopes to accomplish is using integrated net systems to surround the trash, contain it, then put it on ships to be sorted and transported to a waste facility on land.

The garbage patch is huge, covering hundreds of thousands of square miles, and there is an estimated 220 million pounds of trash, the vast majority of it plastic and much of it consisting of used fishing gear.

Here's more info on the problem if you're interested:

Some experts have pushed back on the flashy marketing of The Ocean Cleanup, saying it's pointless to clean the ocean without banning all plastics and going back to the Stone Age or other climate cultist plans (Vox literally wrote an article explaining why this would "do more harm than good").

Perhaps there's some truth to that. Trendy nonprofits can certainly be more of a funding vehicle than an actual solution, or can be less efficient than many of their peer organizations because of that razzle-dazzle.

I'll note this, however: A lot of regular people are hearing about this problem from said flashy organization, just like a lot of regular people started caring about space and traveling to Mars again because of Elon Musk.

The beauty of private companies tackling this problem instead of bloated government programs is that the average person gets to decided where and how their resources are allocated towards the issues that deeply move them.

I'm not vouching for this particular company, but I am saying we should have a lot more focus on organizations like this instead of the WEF agendas, John Kerry, and Greta Thunberg if we actually want to come together to clean up our trash.

Here's some additional information on The Ocean Cleanup if you'd like:

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