Chileans just massively rejected a new socialist constitution. Come see what this woke pile of crud would have done.
· Sep 5, 2022 ·

In a massive victory over the communists and socialists in South America, voters in Chile rejected a new proposed constitution written to make the nation insanely woke.

The current constitution in Chile was written by the previous anti-Communist leader Augusto Pinochet. Socialists saw this association with the controversial Pinochet as an opportunity to impose a socialist constitution on Chile.

The people saw through the commie plot.

From the AP:

With 99% of the votes counted in Sunday's plebiscite, the rejection camp had 61.9% support compared to 38.1% for approval amid heavy turnout with long lines at polling states. Voting was mandatory.

The approval camp conceded defeat, with its spokesman Vlado Mirosevic saying: "We recognize this result and we listen with humility to what the Chilean people have expressed."

Boric, who had lobbied hard for the new document, said the results made it evident the Chilean people "were not satisfied with the constitutional proposal that the convention presented to Chile."

National Review explains the dangers of the proposed Chilean constitution:

The document, consisting of 388 articles, would create an unequal justice system and grant more rights for those who claim indigenous ancestry. It would effectively end private health care and education, and it would allow the congress to confiscate Chileans' pension savings.


The proposed Chilean constitution reads like a longer, more woke, and even more socialist version of Venezuela's constitution. Like Venezuela's, it uses masculine and feminine pronouns in every instance, in an aim to be inclusive, even though the masculine plural is traditionally understood to be capable of referring to women as well. What differentiates the proposed Chilean constitution from ours in America is that this proposal isn't a framework for organizing government and limiting its powers. It's a socialist policy wish list.

Can you imagine living with this as your national constitution? My goodness...

Chile wouldn't be a democratic republic anymore but a "plurinational and paritarian" republic. That is just the beginning of a legal construction that will divide Chileans by their sex and their ethnic heritage.

This is where Critical Race Theory leads you: division and inequality.

Article 25 prohibits all forms of discrimination based on race, religion, or sex but also on political views, "social class," and other "beliefs." It requires the government to give reparations for all forms of past discrimination. I have no doubt that this will be used to force Chilean Catholic schools to hire atheists or people with lifestyles contrary to church teaching, and that it will be weaponized to censor speech.

The proposed constitution would have also legalized abortion up until birth and paid for it with taxpayer dollars, forced gender ideology on everyone, force a government-paid healthcare system on everyone, allow the government to seize retirement savings, and abolish for-profit education.

But that's not all:

Perhaps the most concerning part of the proposed Chilean constitution is the erosion of the division of powers and the legal inequality it would create in the name of social justice. It would replace the senate with a nearly ceremonial "chamber of regions," and it would allow congress to set its own election method by simple majority. Seats in every legislative body would be reserved for indigenous groups according to their share of the population. Those registered in a public electoral registry of indigenous people would be able to vote for such representatives in addition to voting for nonindigenous representatives. In other words, a segment of the population would have double representation.

This was an attempt at a woke commie takeover, and it's a good example of where the wokies want to lead us in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere.

NR also explained the tragedy of Chile considering a move away from its current constitution, which has led to Chile being one of the best countries in South America:

The Chilean miracle has been the result of the current constitution, ratified in a referendum in 1980, and of the reforms that ensued under the advice of Milton Friedman and his protégés. In the early 1970s, Chile was the least free economy in Latin America, Venezuela the freest. Chile overtook Venezuela by 1990, and today the roles are reversed as Venezuela embarked on the socialist project Chile left behind, resulting in nearly half a million Venezuelan immigrants choosing Chile as their new home. Free markets lead to prosperity. Socialism leads to poverty.

Chile would have undone decades of successful policy and unrivaled prosperity if they had approved this communist constitution.

This defeat in Chile is a victory for global freedom. ✊

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