China has a secret spy base in Cuba from which they've been gathering intel on the US since at least 2019, White House says
· Jun 10, 2023 ·

This is very bad and also very predictable.

News just broke moments ago from the Wall Street Journal that the White House has divulged that China has had a spy base in Cuba since at least 2019 from which they gather intel on the United States. Cuba is just 100 miles off the Florida coast.

Washington also said that China's attempts to gather intel via espionage are expanding rapidly.

"Officials familiar with the matter" said that China is paying Cuba "billions of dollars" for the privilege.

From WSJ:

Using Cuba, roughly 100 miles off the Florida coast, as a base could provide eavesdropping access to U.S. military, commercial and other communications along the southeastern region, where there are dozens of U.S. military bases, as well as the monitoring of military and commercial traffic. The U.S. military's headquarters for U.S. Central Command, which oversees the Middle East and parts of Central and South Asia, and U.S. Special Operations Command, are both in Tampa, Fla. U.S. Southern Command is based in Miami.

Oh yes, very good.

Meanwhile the Biden administration has been waffling about the existence of this intel-gathering operation up until they admitted today that it exists.

China is hell-bent on ruling the world and they certainly act like it. America better wake up quickly, before it's too late.

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