China is aging out so fast that it might be using more adult diapers than baby ones by 2025
· Dec 1, 2021 ·

So it turns out that starving tens of millions of people, brutally aborting and sterilizing hundreds of millions of babies and women, and ruling a society through fear has some pretty long-lasting effects.

"China is poised to pass one of the great but discreetly discussed demographic inflection points," reports the Financial Times , "as [diaper] producers start prioritizing the rising army of active seniors over dwindling ranks of infants."

China's elderly population has been on a steady rise for several years. The United Nations estimates that 330 million Chinese will be 65 or older by 2050.

China's birth rates are also the lowest on record!

While the communist government would never admit to anything so embarrassing to the continued survival of its civilization, the market has a tendency of revealing what's really happening. Investors and diaper companies are shifting production to maximize profit because capitalism rules (no matter how hard the commies try to suppress it).

A Unicharm [diaper company] spokesperson confirmed this shift but did not attribute it to demographic changes.

Yeah, probably because he didn't want to embarrass the regime and get disappeared!

CLSA, a capital markets and investment group, said the adult diaper market in China could grow from $1 billion in 2020 to $16 billion in 2028. By 2040, the market could be valued at $30 billion.

That's absolutely BONKERS!

We're watching the impending death of China in realtime. Comrade Winnie the Pooh might be focused on world domination, but he won't be in the empire-building game for much longer if China doesn't have babies!

Of course, neither will America and Europe if we keep up our current brand of nihilistic self-obsession and climate hysteria!

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