China's dictators would hate if you saw these leaked videos of massive ongoing protests that started at an iPhone factory in the city of Guangzhou
· Nov 25, 2022 ·

If there's anything that the commie tyrants hate more than letting people have liberty, it's bad PR.

Check out what's been happening all this week in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou after the government initiated yet another lockdown that is starving and impoverishing its citizens:

[Warning: Violence, Epic Struggles For Liberty]

If you're wondering how the dystopian-nightmare government regime is responding, they are building dozens more "quarantine" camps in the city, using Covid as an excuse to keep people from organizing and protesting.

The government can also use its Covid passport app to switch protester phones to "red," banning them from all public spaces and transport. The government does this by tracking citizens everywhere using their cell phones.

I'm gonna say something rather spicy now.

Can you imagine if the Chinese people had weapons to defend their inalienable, God-given rights?

The Chinese government uses an army of hazmat stormtroopers to try and lock people up, but they are poorly trained, organized, and equipped.

Think of what a few citizens with some AR-15s could do in stopping the entire evil machine.

If you think that thought experiment goes too far, may I submit that you are reading this as a free citizen on a global networking system using advanced technology because some men in 1776 thought the same way.

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