Chris Cuomo says he is taking ivermectin, says we were given "bad information" during the pandemic and wonders why πŸ‘€
Β· May 8, 2024 Β·

Sometimes I wonder if talking about censorship and tyranny during Covid caused anyone to change their mind, but then I see things like this:

Absolutely wild.

Compare that to 2020 Cuomo on CNN:

Never thought I'd see the day!

I'm not even out here stumping for ivermectin in particular.

But I watched, firsthand, how the media carried water for evil people who wanted to make money and hide their sins while keeping power. I watched many people die because there was absolutely no room for scientific discussion that violated the bottom dollar of medical lobbyists in DC or the hubris of career bureaucrats at the NIH or CDC.

So it amazes me to see how a CNN host, of all people, has started thinking outside of the thought bubbles that have been prescribed for him his entire life. Maybe he's doing it to try to save face now - I dunno ... but something is changing. The Narrativeβ„’ is dying.

There's a lot of hope for the future, my friends. ✊

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