Woke Seattle Students Upset That Christian College Continues To Believe Christian Things
· May 31, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Seattle Pacific University is a private Christian school in Washington State and its board of trustees just voted to continue to uphold a Christian sexual ethic – that is, that human sexuality was designed by God to be enjoyed between a man and woman who have committed themselves to each other for life before God and their community.

This, of course, was enough for the woke students at SPU to stage a protest and demand the resignation of the board of trustees members who would dare uphold such a thing.

From NPR:

Students at Seattle Pacific University (SPU), a private Christian university in Seattle, protested after the campus administration voted last week to uphold rules that ban the hiring of LBGTQ+ staff from working at the university.

Last week, the SPU Board of Trustees voted to retain the university's current employee lifestyle expectations regarding sexual conduct. Following the board's vote, students walked out of class on last Tuesday to protest in front of the university president's office.


Tell God to get with the program!

Yes, these spoiled woke snowflakes walked out of class and sat outside of their president's office on the ground with paper, crayons, games, and toys.

Look at these brats:

They have their beachball, Bananagrams, and coloring materials. This is the next generation of leaders. At a Christian university.

The college's position isn't even applied to the students, just the staff.

With this decision, faculty and staff at the university must "continue to reflect a traditional view on Biblical marriage and sexuality, as an expression of long-held church teaching and biblical interpretation," the university's said in its statement.

How sad! Teachers at SPU are being asked not to sleep around or be involved in sexually deviant lifestyles.

And that's too far for these students.

AJ Larsen, a 2020 graduate and member of SPU's alumni coalition, said: "No matter what you believe, getting rid of these policies is the best way to make sure that our campus is an inclusive place for all people to be. Not only in the student body but in the faculty, staff and administration."

I don't want to stir the pot here, but maybe, just maybe, the primary goal of a Christian university, or any university for that matter, shouldn't be for the school to be "an inclusive place for all people to be."

And that's where the school comes down:

Board of Trustees Chair Cedric Davis said in a statement the trustees made their decision based on what they believed was most in line with the university's mission.

"We want the community of SPU to know that this was a thorough and prayerful deliberation," Davis said in the statement.

See, the funny thing here is that they're not even going for the jugular here. The school should not maintain a position based on the university's mission or longstanding tradition. It should be based on the unchanging, ever-constant Word of God that Christians follow, which clearly demonstrates how God has defined His designs for humanity, relationships, and sexuality over thousands of years.

The board statement added: "While this decision brings complex and heart-felt reactions, the Board made a decision that it believed was most in line with the university's mission and Statement of Faith and chose to have SPU remain in communion with its founding denomination, the Free Methodist Church USA, as a core part of its historical identity as a Christian university."

The board recognizes that there is "disagreement among faithful Christians" regarding sexuality and identity.

This, of course, raises the ire of the woke.

Their list of demands proves how childish these wokies really are.

Dox the trustees then condemn them for following God's command to run as far away as possible from sin.

Sounds like Christian education is in a great place!

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