British climate crazies blocked traffic and police took action by arresting the man who tried to move them out of the way
· May 23, 2023 ·

Oh, look! It's anarchotyranny again!

Just Stop Oil, a lawless climate change activist and terror group in the UK, was blocking traffic on a major road and one citizen had enough of it and did his civic duty to try to get traffic moving again.

He got arrested for his trouble.

[Warning: Language]

The caption absolutely nailed it.

This man was arrested by the police for doing the job of the police.

The police stood by and let this group of losers stop traffic, which if it isn't illegal should be as it's a totally dangerous situation, and the second someone does something about it, the police pounce on them.

Normal people are arrested and the lawbreakers are protected because they have a political privilege pass.

Of course, in the UK, the police will also arrest you for silently praying in public, so there's that.

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