Clownmaster Don Lemon says CNN was never liberal and for once I actually agree with him!
· Nov 29, 2022 ·

Leave it up to once-funny Stephen Colbert to toss a softball to a fellow woke cultist.

They're talking about the CNN shakeup this year where dismal ratings have caused the new CEO to fire a bunch of people (with many more to come).

I don't think we ever were liberal.

I agree with him!

CNN wasn't liberal, because classic liberalism respects all points of view and engages in free speech and fair representation of ideas so that informed citizens can make up their minds on topics based on reason, knowledge, and common sense.

CNN hasn't been that for, well... ever?

Instead, CNNLOL is a swirling cesspool that exists purely to advance neo-Marxist, totalitarian clown world by squashing all dissenters as extremist infidels.

Listen to Don: the CEO wants to have "sensible Republicans."

The only "sensible Republicans" Don has or promotes on his show are actually raging wokies.

They can like tax cuts and maybe respect freedom of speech, but if they think babies shouldn't be chopped up, boys shouldn't be castrated, pedophiles shouldn't be around kids, Steve and Brad can't get married, or God should have a place in public society, then all bets are off.

Case in point:

And yet he goes out there and says this next part (the first time comedy has been on Colbert's show in YEARS!):

We are doing what we do, and that's journalism.


I think you mean, jOuRnAliSm, Don.

Can't wait for this hack to be shown the door. Three cheers for the actual journalists still out there!

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