CNBC created a list of the "worst states to live in" and people are laughing at how awful the ratings are
· Jul 19, 2023 ·

CNBC released a list of the "worst states" to live in and are being completely roasted for their biased and ridiculous assertions.

Oh yes, the 10 worst states to live in also just so happen to be the states that we hate the politics of and hate the redneck citizens of.

Because ignorant southern rubes vote Republican therefore they vote against their own interests and live in crap holes, right?

Let's check out a few of the criteria CNBC used for the list, shall we?

What's that last part?

"Inclusive policies" like racist DEI practices? Or pro-LGBT grooming laws?

"Reproductive rights"? So states that make it harder to kill babies are worse to live in? Try telling that to the unborn!

So, the standards for what makes a state livable are obviously totally designed to make "inclusive" Marxist states like California seem awesome, and "backward" conservative states seem awful.

It's true, we talked about it here.

People are moving to the South by the truckload and the folks at CNBC are screeching at everyone: "THEY'RE NOT INCLUSIVE! THEY WON'T LET DOCTORS KILL YOUR BABY!"

It really is such a cope.

"Sure, everyone is leaving our state, but we have all the things that we love, like trans-ing kids and aborting 9-month-old babies!"

On second thought, yeah! This list is right!

The South STINKS and nobody else should move here! You wouldn't like it!

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