CNN: Daylight Savings Time is racist 🤡
· Nov 28, 2022 ·

Here's your periodic reminder that CRT is nothing but dumb, woke, nonsense that makes people believe insane conspiratorial things about race.

CNN is really out here publishing stories that are calling a lack of sleep racist because it, somehow, disproportionately impacts black people.


As the United States rolled back the clocks one hour this month to observe the end of Daylight Saving Time, many people got a bit more sleep than usual – but some not as much as others.

Growing evidence shows that lack of sleep and sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, remain more prevalent in Black, Asian, and Hispanic or Latino communities, and these inequities can have long-term detrimental implications for physical health, even raising the risk of certain chronic diseases...

"Experimental as well as observational studies have linked sleep to these health outcomes. Therefore, sleep could be an important contributor," she said. "Fortunately, sleep health is largely modifiable."

As for the inequities seen in sleep health, it's not that White adults don't also experience a lack of sleep and its health consequences – but people of color appear to disproportionately experience them more, and that's believed to be largely due to social systems in the United States.

Yeah, there's no evidence. It's just some woke critical theorists starting with a conclusion and searching for reasons. But there's nothing there.

They just HAVE to make EVERYTHING about race.

Jackson added that she often reflects on how the shooting death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville in March 2020 and the shooting of George Floyd's 4-year-old grandniece in Houston on New Year's Day both happened when they were asleep – and how systems of structural racism in the US can cultivate conditions that make such incidents more likely to happen in Black communities. "This would require research," she said.

These are absolute jokes masquerading as academic "experts."

They're literally spouting off complete nonsense.

But, you know, race hustlers gonna race hustle.

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